Sharing is caring, the system of growth entails the strong help the weak.  Humans are not equal in talent or personality, your Donation will change the life of someone- fullfill the dream of an entrepreneur of satiate the pangs of hunger of learner in school.  Your loose change of coins are the the beginnings of survival for many communities less fortunate. Donate to the Al Fidaa Foundation.Support one of our many Soup Kitchens at our  ‘community hunger spots’ or feed Out Patients at our hospitals and we will serve a soup based meal on your behalf!


General Banking
Account Name: Alfidaa Foundation
Account Number: 036 893 382

Bank: Standard Bank of South Africa Ltd
Branch Name: Berry’s Corner
Branch Number: 024210

White Door Centre
Account Name: White Door Centre Account
Account Number: 045569290

Bank: Standard Bank of South Africa Ltd
Branch Name: CLEARY PARK
Branch Number: 024210

Zakaah Bank Details
Account Name: Al Fidaa Foundation
Account Number: 201 309 351

Bank: Standard Bank of South Africa Ltd
Branch Name: Berrys Corner
Branch Code: 024210
Swift Address: SBZAZAJJ

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You don’t have to be a rich person to help alleviate poverty in the Eastern Cape. All it takes is a rich heart to bring a smile to a hungry child or a sigh of relief to an anxious parent. Change the face of poverty with your sacrifice.


• Rice 5kg

• White Sugar 2.5kg

• Cake Flour 2.5kg

• Maize Meal 2.5kg

• Cooking Oil 750ml

• Milk 1Lt

• Tea / Coffee 250g

• Lentils 500g

• Samp & Beans 500g

• Soup Mix 500g

• Sugar Beans 500g

• Baked Beans 410g

• Pilchards Tomato 400g

• Peas 410g

• Macoroni 500g

• Spaghetti 500g

• Pitted Dates Block 250g

• Peanut Butter 250g

• Jam Apricot 600g

• Eggs 6’s

• Concentrated Juice 1Lt

• Body Soap 175g

• Toothpaste 100ml

• Candles 450g

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Al Fidaa Foundation has also assisted many individuals to become financially independent by donating funds to purchase capital equipment (or stock) to begin their own business. The Foundation  as sponsored individuals to begin their own house shops, welding business, automotive repair workshops and food stalls.

  • I.T.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. 

The poor man is not he who is without a cent, but he who is without a dream. 

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Services Offered

A white door site is a short term safe space and the victim should not remain in the site for more than three to six hours.

The victim will only be contained emotionally and then referred out for professional services. In terms of psycho social interventions, only very basic non-professional emotional support will be offered.

The following is a summary of services that will be offered at the WD site:

  • A safe secure environment.
  • Basic emotional containment.
  • Referral to the closest professional

White Door Center Costs

Al-Fidaa Foundation White Door Centre Monthly Budget 2015  
Description Amount
Project Manager R 5 000
3 x Social Worker Counsellors @ R3,500 each R 10 500
2 x Field Workers @R3,500 each R 7 000
1 x Receptionist Admin Clerk R 3 000
Rental R 5 000
Municipal Rates & Services R 1 000
Travel Costs R 2 000
Telephone R 800
Internet R 600
Stationery R 100
Victims Resources (Sanitary, First Aids, Snacks etc.) R 5 000
Total Cost R 40 000

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Operating Cost Per 12 Week Course

Description Amount
Sewing Course Support Staff Stipend R7500
Computer & Business Course Support Staff Stipend R7500
Transportation R10000
Sewing Equipment and Training Material (thread, fabric, patterns, etc.) R4000
Stationary (scissors, pens, pencils, books, etc.) R1000
Meals (lunch one day per week, daily tea and coffee with light snacks) R5000
Training Material (computer classes & business classes) R1000
Sewing Machine (most outstanding student) R3000
Computer (most outstanding student) R5000
Total Cost R44,000