Providing Free Sewing Classes

“Never stand begging for what you have the power to earn.”
“It tastes well, the bread which you earn yourself.”

Al Fidaa Foundation believes that the providing of skills to individuals to become financially independent is the most reliable approach to ridding the scourge of poverty and its ill effects from our communities. An individual who earns a skill is a role model for future generations and a boon to society. After much thought and research into our data base of recipients major factors were discovered to be obstacles in the progress of skill development.  A high percentage were female, who were themselves mothers and financial providers to their kids. Many lacked the confidence to pursue a formal course which would require time and additional financial support from sources unavailable to them as they would fall beyond the scope of bursary funders and their strict criterion.  Having a Skills Development Center would ideally be suitable to our candidates as group learning would serve to be motivational to them. Learning with peers and people in sharing their circumstance would provide an environment ideal for their self-improvement and confidence.

Why Sewing?

The Skill of Sewing is far by large the most practical tool and medium for our recipients. Sewing is easy to learn and yet the scope of aid for the learner is vast. From basic skills which will be of aid to her growing kids it also opens the door to entrepreneurship.  Customers are plenty from the shortening of a length of a garment to creating a matric dress and charging a premium price for the garment, the opportunities are plenty for the person who holds a strong entrepreneurship instinct.

The Al Fidaa Foundation offers FREE accredited Sewing Training vids.

Core 123631 Cost a garment Level 1 NQF Level 01 4
Core 123632 Make garments Level 1 NQF Level 01 20

Please view our full certification as issued by the FP&M SETA.


Free Sewing Courses

The course is offered over a 12 week period and Al Fidaa Foundation attempts to provide the best tutorship and learning experience for applicants.  The course is free and all materials are provide by the Skill Development Centre.  Please view the brochure for detailed costs for sponsorship.


Operating Cost Per 12 Week Course Amount
Sewing Course Support Staff Stipend R7500
Computer & Business Course Support Staff Stipend R7500
Transportation R10000
Sewing Equipment and Training Material (thread, fabric, patterns, etc.) R4000
Stationary (scissors, pens, pencils, books, etc.) R1000
Meals (lunch one day per week, daily tea and coffee with light snacks) R5000
Training Material (computer classes & business classes) R1000
Sewing Machine (most outstanding student) R3000
Computer (most outstanding student) R5000
Total Cost R44,000

Free Computer Studies

The Al Fidaa Foundation also introduces Computer studies as a bonus to the sewing Class, providing a gist of Microsoft software usage and application of Word/Excel and Document.


Al Fidaa Foundation is now an Accredited ICDL Centre

The Al-Fidaa Foundation has been teaching computer skills gratis for a number of years as a tool to budding entrepreneurs. To achieve quality in tuition, the Al Fidaa Foundation is now an accredited ICDL centre. REGISTRATION NUMBER:171001 ICDL BACKGROUND ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence) is the world’s leading computer skills certification. To date more than 14 million people have engaged with the ICDL programme, in over 150 countries, through our network of over 24,000 ICDL Accredited Test Centres (ATCs).

ICDL programmes are for anyone who wishes to become fully competent in the use of a computer and common applications. Computer skills enable people of all ages to understand and use technology to improve their personal and professional lives. ICDL modules provide a practical programme of up-to-date skills and knowledge areas which are validated by a test.

We appeal to Big Business to sponsor applicants for this exciting course and equip entrepreneurs and job seekers with computer skills.


The importance of work for young people lies not only in experience and income, but also in the intangible benefits it provides including independence, dignity, a sense of accomplishment and freedom.


“As one person I cannot change the world but I can change the world of one person”


Modules Duration Total
Computer Essentials 3 days R1 550,00
Word Processing 2 days R1 900,00
Spreadsheets 2 days R2 250,00
Online Essentials 2 days R2 600,00
Database 2 days R2 950,00
Presentation 2 days R3 300,00
Prices subject to change but clients will be notified according

From Skill Centre To A Fully Fledged Enterprise Development Centre

To complete the purpose of our aims, our Skills Development also serves as an Enterprise Development Centre.  Al Fidaa Foundation hopes to join hands with local companies to allow access to our trainees into the company workforce and to bestow applicants a real chance in the big world of commerce. The success of these projects will create breadwinners in our societies who can be a pillar to kids in their care, a motivational force for their learners in schools to excel and for learners to have parents who can now provide stationery and school fees for them.

We look forward to companies coming aboard by donating equipment/machinery or offering a working space to applicants.  If companies could request our team with specific skills they are needy of, Al Fidaa could strive to teach applicants those skills bridging the gap between job searching and having the relevant qualifications. Due to our large data base of needy cases, Al Fidaa has the background checks necessary to select individuals for companies who require job placement for their companies.

This important aspect will make our Skills Development Centre an Enterprise Development Centre

Skills Development Centres and Enterprise Development are vital in creating a workforce for local business to thrive and revive the economy other than social grants or temporary help outs which do not contribute any form of independence in individuals.   Hand outs of food to the poor has the negative aspect of making people lax to the goals of financial freedom and dependence ultimately removing the guilt of asking for ones needs or eying their wealth of others leading to a host of evils . . . it tastes well, the bread which you earn yourself.”

Contact our offices and make a positive turn in the lives of the poor in our midst by donating your company’s resources and expertise in our projects, please do remember we are 100 percent BEE compliant and a PBO with powers to issue section 18a tax certificates to your donations.

Skill Certificates: