AL FIDAA FOUNDATION was formed in August 2008 to assist the needy in areas of the Eastern Cape. Our ambition is to assist impoverished individuals, irrespective of creed, race or culture.

To achieve this goal a three-fold strategy has been initiated viz.

  • Soup Kitchen Feeding Projects established to provide nutritious meals to impoverished individuals /communities.
  • Several Skills Development and Education Programs have been initiated by Al Fidaa Foundation to educate and empower individuals in order to gain financial independence and employment.
  • Many Social Welfare & Poverty Alleviation projectshave been established to providesocial welfare to the poor in the form of food hampers, blankets, clothing etc.

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Al Fidaa is a public benefit organisation.

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Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) is a programme launched by the South African government to redress the inequalities of Apartheid by giving certain previously disadvantaged groups (Blacks, Coloureds, Indians, and Chinese who arrived before 1994)[1] of South African citizens economic privileges previously not available to them. It includes measures such as Employment Preference, skills development, ownership, management, socioeconomic development, and preferential procurement.

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